New World System after Capitalism and Communism - by Peter A. Morgan - Fundamentals

PERSONISM - new world system after Capitalism and Communism - by Peter A Morgan - fundamentals

PERSONISM is the new system which might be implemented anywhere on this world, in any country where people want to live in full democracy and maximum freedom.


New Revolution – many changes are required.

Last Revolution – is very flexible for requirements of all ages, so next revolution will not be required.

Full Democracy – all people are lawmakers.

Direct Democracy – a person will never give up its own power of voting to anyone.

Real Freedom – a person will be able to make own choices in personal basic vital decisions.

Please, remember!!! We are talking about bloodless, non-violent, peaceful revolution. PERSONISM respects all and each person. In addition, we are talking about a constitutional democracy.

We call this system PERSONISM because PERSON is the most important on this world. PERSON is the base of family, community and state. Good system, freedom, and democracy must be seen in happy PERSONS. PERSONISM does NOT care of wellbeing of any political party or any other organizations. PERSONISM takes care of all and each PERSON.

PERSONISM means NO MORE: any kind of slavery, dictatorship, limited democracy, corruption, etc. YES!!! We can do this.

We dive into the deepest kindness of each PERSON to create the best possible system of the world for everyone. Nobody is excluded. Everyone is counted, you too.

You might be only a reader or a supporter. That is O.K.

You might be an intellectual contributor if you share your thoughts with us.

You might be involved in spreading out the idea of PERSONISM if you invite your family members and friends to our website.

You might be even one of creators of future magazine, newspaper, party, endless number of publications dedicated to PERSONISM in any possible country and language on this world.

Would you like to read more details about PERSONISM? We encourage you to buy book PERSONISM. This way you will become our sponsor.

Best of all, you are in good company.

PERSONISM is good for everybody.

This new system will change the entire world into good place to live, not only for few people, but for everybody – YES!!! This is possible. It is going to be the very last revolution in human history.

Tell us: what you can do?

Life is beautiful.

Peter A. Morgan


PERSONISM – General Rules

All people are lawmakers – we do not need any proxy in order to vote and create the law.

The people drive the government: government (administration) and all elected officials must follow the law established by the people.

All elected officials have a limit in the office – two five year terms (on all elected positions).

An elected person (for any position) can NOT be older than 65.

The government (on each level) must balance the budget – expenses can never be greater than income.

The government (on each level) can NOT be an investor or a business owner.

Charitable organizations and churches must take care of the people in need (not a government).

All people are obligated to pay simple, fixed, and unchangeable personal taxes (10 / 5 / 5): 10% Federal Tax, 5% State Tax, and 5% City Tax.

Any other taxes are prohibited and can’t ever be established: there is no property tax, sale tax, gas tax, tobacco tax, estate tax, etc.

There are no tax exemptions but 10% donation to charitable organizations, legally operated and registered.

Wages of all elected officials, as well as workers of charitable organizations are limited and directly related to the minimum wage.

Minimum wage must be exactly equal to social minimum. These numbers must be calculated annually by independent professionals (not the government).

Full time requirements must decrease (along with advances in technology) and should go down to 25 hours per week (5 x 5).

Each person should have a personal unemployment account and personal retirement account. Both accounts are inheritable according to the deceased person’s will.

Each person retire when is ready to do so. (The government has nothing to that).

All schools and hospitals are private only. Education and health expenses are calculated in social minimum, so they are included in minimum wage.


Thanks for your time.

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