New World System after Capitalism and Communism - by Peter A. Morgan - Fundamentals


We are looking for the best option for retirement.

We want to pay attention to any opinion of any person to whom this topic is very important.

Any details, note or proposal might be vital for joyful life of the retired people.

We will seriously consider all ideas and suggestions.

Our goal is creation of new way, new form of living for retired people.

Our intention is to design something extraordinary and let our dreams come true.

There are a lot of questions:

-        Do you wish to live in your own house?

-        Do you want to live in the community of retired people?

-        Do you prefer traditional food?

-        Do you favor ‘healthy diet’?

-        Do you desire passive stile of living?

-        Do you choose active life?

-        Do you wish relax and careless life?

-        Do you want to use your talents for the goodness of others?

-        Do you prefer loneliness?

-        Do you want company?

-        ……….

Simply, we need your help.

Let us know what you think.

Thanks for your time.


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